How to Create A More Stress-Free Life selling your home

Anytime you are looking to sale a home or an investment home you need a Realtor that can make that process Stress-Free. You can do that by getting a few things done before you sell your home.

Home inspections are by far the most stressful part of selling a home. You cannot predict what type of inspector or problems they may come up with when they look at your home. I learned this through a lot of home inspections and they are really easy to fix. Get a home inspection before you list the home and deal with any issues up front.

The buyers do not have to accept the inspection, but if you use a licensed inspector most do because I buy home warranties for my clients that list with me. These are not cheap warranties they cost between $400-$525 each. With the pre-home inspection there are no pre existing conditions, and the warranty is solid. Most buyers usually except the pre-inspection because the home warranty is in place and there are no pre existing conditions.

If you have an older roof over 10 years old get a licensed roofer to certify the life on that roof. That can save you thousands of dollars and most licensed inspectors except the certification.

Get your HVAC serviced with a licensed HVAC tech and have them leave their service receipt tapped to the heater explaining their work. This shows the home inspector that the units have been checked and work properly. This also makes your home warranty good.

If they need any repairs I have a staff of licensed professionals to help handle the repairs. I also know where to purchase items at a discount for my clients. I have spent millions of dollars with these vendors and have learned where to get the best deals for my clients.

These are just a few things that I personally do to make my clients lives stress free when selling a home. I also send comps to the appraiser and follow up with the title company and lender. When any of my clients do upgrades I not only put it in the listing, but I also make sure that the apprasier gets a list of he new upgrades in the home before they go out to the home.

Make selling or buying a home Stress Free call me I am Brett 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

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